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Under the sink provides a ton of storage space, but it's a couple feet deep and lower to the ground making it awkward to use it effectively.  In the Escape there are also a few plumbing pipes that add to the complexity.  We decided to buy a sliding basket from the Container Store without really knowing whether it would fit without hitting the exterior shower pipes at the back. This "lets see if this works" purchase turned the under sink into an extremely functional area.  

What we bought:

  • Elfa Narrow 2-runner cabinet sized easy glider platinum (12-7/8" x 16-7/8" x 8-1/2" h)



The escape pod came equipped with a wardrobe to hang shirts and jackets.  Seeing as we have little need to hang dress shirts while camping, we decided to turn the wardrobe into a pantry!  This was another Elfa project where we modified their stand alone drawer systems to fit in the wardrobe with enough room for a shelf above it.  The drawers are perfect for small kitchen items, and the shelf is great for bread products and chips!


What we bought:  

  • 1 Elfa X-Narrow 7-Runner Frame Platinum (cut down to 5 runs)

  • 2 Elfa Drawer Back Stop Pins Galvanized Pkg/10 (to keep the drawers in while in transit)

  • 2 Elfa Mesh Drawer In & Out Stops Translucent Pkg/4

  • 1 Elfa X-Narrow Mesh 1-Runner Platinum (basket)

  • 2 Elfa X-Narrow Mesh 2-Runner Platinum (baskets)

  • 1 Driftwood Melamine Top (cut to fit the space with a lip added to the front)



Jackets, wet towels, and dirty jeans all need a place to hang!  We found these "Lamp" hooks at a local hardware store that was closing for 75% off!  A lot of people opt for the UMBRA hooks as the backing plate matches the oak interior.  As there is ample backing in the wall standard, we opted for individual hooks to make it look sleeker. 


We bought a bunch of these hooks and will be mounting them everywhere!  Maybe a towel hook in the kitchen area??

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