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The Escape Pod is our first venture into the world of RVing after years of tent camping.  After learning the ropes, we put together some info we thought would help others.



First time RVers Guide to "Must Haves"

Being first time RV owners, we've spent countless hours putting together a list of the basic things we needed to pick up and use our RV for the first time.  After using the trailer a few times we think we've mastered the list! 



Adding a Second Propane Tank

A lot of RVs these days only come with one 20 lbs propane bottle.  For those of us that hate the idea of running out of propane, or carrying a spare bottle in the tow vehicle, upgrading to a two bottle system is a must.



Storage Solutions

Striking the balance between convenience and efficiency can be a challenge.  We have found a few ideas that have worked well for us. 



Escape Exterior Kitchen

Doing dishes outside with hot water on demand? No problem! 


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