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Picking up the Escape Pod - November 2018

In the months leading up to the completion of our new RV, we did a lot of research on the best accessories. We are seasoned campers, so we had a good idea of the other campground essentials but RVing is new for us. We decided to put together this well-researched and tested list of products that are our RV Must Have Accessories! 

Here is what we bought:

Andersen 3600 - Ultimate Trailer Gear

Parking and leveling the trailer can be frustrating.  Many people use traditional "Lego" bricks that rely on a trial and error process to level the trailer.  With the Andersen leveler you can level your RV or trailer on the FIRST try!  This package includes everything you need for a tandem axle trailer, including a rapid jack to change a flat.  So far, leveling the trailer has been a breeze!!

RhinoFlex or RhinoExtreme Sewer Hose

When dealing with sewage, we didn't mess around and went with the highest rated sewer hose we could find.  Both the RhinoFlex and RhinoExtreme look like solid products.  We purchased a 15' RhinoExtreme and haven't had any leaks yet!! The last thing you want to deal with is leaking sewage!


Disposable Gloves

Even if your sewer hose doesn't leak, you may as well be cautious and wear gloves when dumping.  100% latex-free, these nitrile gloves are generally safe for various types of users, including those who are allergic to natural rubber


Drinking Water Hose

You are going to want your toilet to work, so you're going to need water in your trailer!  Be sure to get a potable water hose so the water will taste good.


Water Bandit

Have you been to a campsite that only has water taps without threads?  With the water bandit you can connect your drinking water hose to unthreaded faucets and fill up your fresh water tank!  The first time we filled our trailer, we were lucky to have one of these!!! 

RV Toilet Paper

You can't just use regular toilet paper in an RV, you need septic safe paper products.  Regular toilet paper could clog up your black tank and stick to your tank level probes (then you can't tell whether it's empty or full).


Trimax Keyed Alike Towing Kit

Locking up you new investment should be a top priority.  This kit includes all the locks you will need to keep your trailer safe while towing and in storage.  Rather than buying all the locks separately and having 3 keys, all the locks in this kit use the same key.  There is a lighter duty version, but we went for the heavy duty as we are storing our trailer off site.  

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