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Who wants to do dishes inside, or fumble outside with a kettle of hot water?  Nobody!  Escape offers the option of adding an exterior shower on the driver or passenger side.  The driver side shower is useful as a shower or  sprayer to wash you (or your dog) off while keeping the mess to the back of the trailer.  On the 19 and 21, passenger side exterior shower is located above the middle of the tandem axles making it the perfect location to create an exterior kitchen!

Our solution is to use a folding table with a restaurant bus bin on top as a sink. Using a bus bin allows us to empty water at the campground rather than filling our grey water tank.  We purchased a flexible goose neck spout from that uses a quick connect that attaches to the exterior shower. 


While this setup works, we didn't find the taps on the exterior shower very easy to use as they are recessed in the side of the trailer.  To address this, we added a ball valve with a simple lever to control the flow.  We just leave the hot water tap on, and use the lever!

What we bought:

  • Flexible Gooseneck Spout w/ Quick Connect for D&W Inc. Sink-Away Exterior Sinks 

  • 1/2" threaded ball valve available at Home Depot

  • 1/2" x 1" (or so) male brass pipe nipple available at Home Depot

  • Teflon Tape

What we did (in less than 10 minutes):

  • Removed the quick connect from the flexible gooseneck spout.

  • Install the flexible gooseneck spout on one end of the threaded ball valve using teflon tape on the threads.

  • Install the male brass pipe nipple on the other end of the threaded ball valve using teflon tape on the threads.

  • Install the quick connect removed from the flexible goose neck to the other end of the male brass pipe nipple using teflon tape on the threads.

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