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Porteau Cove, BC, - November 2018


Find out the good and the bad of campgrounds we've been to:  

  • Are the campgrounds worth visiting

  • The best campsites

  • Facilities

  • Activities


From first time RV owners to experienced RVers, tips and tricks to get the most out of your RV:  

  • First time RVers guide to "must haves" 

  • Accessories and Modifications

What's better than a five star meal at a five star location!  

  • Recipes

  • Campsite cooking techniques

  • Kitchen essentials 


We will heading to some amazing locations and blogging to give you the low down on the places we've visited.


Everything you need to know for your next camping trip:

  • How to book BC Parks campsites

Twenty Mile Bay, BC - June 2018




Honeyman State Park, Oregon - July 2013

We LOVE camping! 

Our camping adventures together started in the summer of 2013 with a trip to Oregon.  We had camped a lot when we were younger, but neither of us had been camping in ages or had enough gear for the trip. We cobbled together what we each had kicking around, borrowed a few things, and hit the road!


Since that trip, we have camped at least a few times a year.  Our campsites quickly progressed from minimalist to well equipped - the Ford Focus was upgraded to a Toyota Tacoma - the 4 man tent became a 6 man - and then the 6 man tent became a travel trailer.  


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